vendredi 30 novembre 2007

Fall In Love With... Rachel Bilson's outfit (26th of Novembre)

I really lke Rachel's outfit... She looked just great with the knee-high wedge boots, tights, and a colorful silk scarf. Plus I like her bag! Rachel Bilson reserves the right to be a fshion icon :)

Great Madame Bilson !!


The new Label of Sienna Miller and her sister Savannah is classy, cool and of course fashionable (we expected it :) ) They made some special clothes but there are some everyday-pieces too so there's something for everyone.

Fashion Watch : Blazer

The blazer in an everyday outfit thats the new device they look great to every outfit .And they are chic in every situation ... If you don't have one just go in your husband's , boyfriends, daddys , etc wardrobe and wear it :)

The xxl-blazers are hot :)

jeudi 29 novembre 2007

Fashion Watch : Knee Socks

Knnee socks are just for school uniform ... many people say that , but suddenly some of the fashion icons wore them and they were on the runway too. And they aren't anymore just for the little school-girls . You can make a dress bold and with high-heels sexy.

If you don't like them .... tights are always great aand never out :)

lundi 26 novembre 2007

Model Spy: Agyness Deyn

From the insider tip to one of the most wanted supermodels ... I'm talking about - of course- Agyness Deyn! Her style is unique, but not only her style I would say she is unique. She rocks the catwalk for Zac Posen, Donna Karan , and and and. She covers VOGUE and models for Burberry, Armani and many more. And I'm sure we'll hear more !

Now some of the best pictures of the (now brown haired, ex blonde) Supermodel :)

dimanche 25 novembre 2007

Fall in love with ...Fendi Crocodile Tote

We can be sooo jealous! The Olsen sisters are carrying this great Fendi Crocodile Tote. And can we buy it? No, because it's vintage! Only thing we can do : watch out on ebay (or going to Ashley and steal her bag ;) ) or buy something similar ! And til we are there just look at the pictures of Ashley and her little friend....

Fashion Watch: Wide leg vs. skinny

Well I really like the Skinnies but now they get fierce competition: The wide leg jeans.

Kate Moss seems to like it very much and whar Kate likes will be trend so see how other celebrities wear the skinnies and the wide legs.... But what looks better? Hard question , but I actually think at the moment we dont have a winner but maybe soon we'll know if the wide leg trend is a hit or a miss.

And what do you think ? Please leave a comment :)

In the jungle...

In Hollywood you see the stars now wearing leo-prints, zebra-prints and you feel like you are in the jungle! You can wear them as a scarv and how we see in the Roberto Cavalli at H&M collection you can wear them as a dress or as a coat everything is possible!

Get wild ;)