mercredi 30 janvier 2008

Golden Eye

Are we back in the Jmaes Bond movie "Golden eye" No , but we could think that when we see Chloe Sevigny and Nicole Richie . They both wear the Ray Ban wayfarers , but not the normal black or tortoise one , they wear them in gold. And it looks good ! I'm not sure, but I think they are vintage, so hard to get some , but maybe you prefer the old version? What do you think of our todays Golden Eye ( Bond girls ;) )

lundi 28 janvier 2008

The Art Of Beeing Jessica Stam

The Italian Vogue showed in a very special way, that prints will be trend in spring/summer 08 . And who would be better for such a shoot than Jessica Stam? In some great colourful dresses and with colour in her face Jessica Stam showed which prints we should wear ... But it's hard to chose just one print , so I think every bright print will be "in" , but I personally love the flower prints and I'm sure I will get myself a floral dress for spring and summer :) What is your favourite print ? Or don't you like prints?

Screen Actors Guild Awards 2008

The screen actors guild awards was an event for all our lovely inhabitants out of Hollywood to show their best side on the red carpet...We saw many great outfits , but also some not so nice ones :) I choosed my favourites to show you, but I think Mariom Cotillard, Angelina Jolie, Ellen Pompeo, Kate Hudson and Kate beckinsale were the best dressed women of the evening, but tell me your opinion :)

Outfits Of The Week

Last week the Huate Couture shows started and what the guests of the Chanel Haute Couture show wore was great!! Diane Kruger wore a simple black dress with yellow shoes and a sequin bag, which give her outfit , the special touch that you need when you go to a chanel fashion-show :)

Blake Lively looked really cute,also in the little black dress, but with an oversized cardigan and of course a chanel bag :)

We leave the Chanel show to Lauren Conrad on the phone walking to her car :) I like her simple outfit with a plaid shirt, black skinnies and black flats.

Sophia Bush looked great too, in a black coat , worn as a dress. To bright up the outfit she carried a red clutch ! I also like her hair :)

Aaand Clémence Poésy :) (back to Chanel) in a great red dress and a blazer!! A short red dress with black tights looks great on her (even her legs look really skinnie) Great Clémence!!

dimanche 27 janvier 2008

Chloë Sevigny

Chloë Sevigny is a fashion-icon for ages and I gues that I'm maybe the 1.000.000th person who writes about her, but I'm so in love with her special style and look , that she hasn't got from a stylist!! She was detected because of her special style and I think her style will always be special and unique :) I think I don't have to write many words, because the pictures are much better :)

samedi 26 janvier 2008

Clémence Poésy for Chloé

Oh la la , many accents in the headline :) When there are so many accents it's sure what I'm talking about ...
I have already wrote a few times something about the beautiful actress Clemence Poesy and I'm sure we will hear a lot of her in the future ! She is the new face (together with Anja Rubik and Chloë Sevigny) for the Chloé perfume campaign and she did her job great!! She looks feminine and romantic. Unfortunately I haven't smelt the perfume yet, but I guess, it's great :) Have you? And if yes what do you think of it and the campaign ?

jeudi 24 janvier 2008

Goodbye Valentino (Haute Couture 2008)

Valentino Garavani said goodbye with this very last haute couture show...
The collection is very baldy and has a lot of black and white . He had some volume coats and skirts and also some floral dresses and layers. Well, I like many pieces out of this collection, but a few remind me a lot of the style of my grandma :) I just picked out my favoutites :)
Valentino did always a great job and we have to thank him for many trends!!

mercredi 23 janvier 2008

Haute Couture S/S 08


Armani Prive

Christian Dior
Christian Lacroix

Here are my favourites so far :)

We see there is a lot of black and white , but still bright colours, so don't worry , spring and summer will be bright ;)
There are much quillings and layers and some dresses really remind me of some ballet dresses (armani prive) , the Chanel collection is classy like always but there are some pieces I would really wear ( if I had the money ;) ) which is not often the case...

To the collections of Christian Dior and Christian Lacroix I can just say , that they aren't wearable for us mere mortals ;) maybe the blue on the botton layered dress, but of the rest I'm not sure. And we see animalprints are still there, and we can mix everything together zebra prints with leo prints with plumes, but that's a matter of taste, I think I will stay with one animal printed piece per outfit :)

What do you think of these?