mardi 22 avril 2008

Dark Blue Satin

If it's on a Chanel fashion-show , we already know that it will become a trend. An there it is Mary-Kate Olsen, Nicole Richie and Zooey Deschanel shined off in some gleaming dark blue satin.
Satin is always great for the evening and if you want to make yourself chic , just take a dress or a jacket or something between that like MK and you are dressed perfectly.
Black always fits great to dark blue, but also another colour like white, grey or red looks good with it. If you have light hair, it's also a great contrast, but dark is nice too just look at the kind of mistic look of Zooey Deschanel.

vendredi 18 avril 2008

Cut Off Your Jeans: Cutoffs

Like the name says cutoffs are jeans which are cut off ... haha what a wisdom :D...
We already saw these kind of shorts in the last year and in the year before that year and so on and so on , but they are never out of fashion and last week we saw Nicole Richie skipping around with a cute little cutoff and a simple yellow top. And I think she did it well , but you can wear them to everything just like some normal jeans and if you don't have one take out some scissors and make one by yourself it's really easy :) and afterwards you have a great piece for the summer!! But also wearable in winter as you see on Jill Bauwens, so never put them away.

mercredi 16 avril 2008

Spring Spring Spring ♥

I think finally spring is definitive there and it won't go till summer comes... Hopefully :)!!
On the weekend the weather was perfect and I went out to take some photos with the camera of my daddy, taht I absolutly love... I hope you like them and they give you a kind of spring feeling, if you don't have already one...
To bring this post a bit more to the fashion side of life, I also took a picture of my new selfmade dress, D&G spring and the flowers in the garden inspired me a lot and my grandma helped me a lot :) She is a genius is such things (by the way: During we made the dress, she told me that the man, who taught he how to become a tailoress, made the clothes for Karl Lagerfeld.... Exciting isn't it? I was like : omg!! Have you ever seen Karl Lagerfeld, when he picked up the clothes, but she just said : No, he had his appointees for that! Too bad, but I really liked to listen to her!! )

Well any ideas how to style the dress? I think I will just pair it up with somne gladiators, like the D&G models.

lundi 14 avril 2008

Little Sacks

Maybe they are not really convenient, but that doesn't matter, because they can look really cute. I'm talking about little sacks, which look good to every outfit and which are really various, SJP carries a little Eiffel Tower, Nicole Richie a black Miu Miu bag, with some blue applications and Mary-Kate showed off with a bigger (I guess vintage) version :) . I really like it but I woudn't wear them that often, because as I said, I think they aren't convenient... But if I'd see something similar to Nicoles I won't say no :)
The Eiffel Tower really needs to get used to it, it's more for the "sex and the city" movie, I think Car´rie is one of the only ones who can pull of such kinda "off-fashion"(but because of that so in fashion) things. Love it or hate it? I guess opinions can be really different in this case:)

jeudi 10 avril 2008

High Wedges

With wedges, you can aim high, because they let even small people look tall. Therefore we see the petite fashionlovers climbing high with wedges , for example Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen and Nicole Richie, but also Mischa, who is taller wears them , so they are for everyone :)
I think they are great, because your feet look really filigree, in these kinda chunky shoes and you grow, without doing anything, for the tall girls it's maybe not that good, but for me it would be perfect, beaucase I'm really small...
You can pair up wedges with nearly everythig, I personally like them best with skinnes, tights or just a simple summerdress, but nicole shows , that they can also look good with flare jeans, you have to decide it for yourself how to wear them :) Just if you like them ;) ?!

jeudi 3 avril 2008

Back To The Old Rome: Gladiator Sandals

Last year we aleready saw some girls becoming a gladiator, but this year I think it's gonna be the dream job of everyone :) ...

Maybe not the dream job , but the shoes are great!! Gladiators fit to nearly every outfit, but I like them best with a knee-lenght dress or skirt (maybe with a toga :D? )
The Olsensisters wear the gladiators in a very high version, I prefer the short one like Nicole Richie or Sienna Miller and I will definately buy one for the summer. They are perfect for summer because the gladiators give the wind many chances to refresh your feet.
So , become a fashion-gladiator and get yourself some gladiator sandals :)

mardi 1 avril 2008

Lovely and Bright Tie-dye

The batik trend is one great trend , but now it has grown up and isn't that simple and normal as it was before... I would say now it has to be mulitcolour :) Rachel Bilson and Clémence Poésy wore a complete tie-dyed dress, Mary-Kate Olsen just a bag ( not really bright but I like it :) )
If you wear such a coulourful dress like Rachel or Clémence , I would keep the rest casual and black, the dress is anyway an eye-catcher ;) !
I thinkk it's perfect for the upcoming summer , but for those where summer is already over and winter comes: Some quiet coulours like blue , purple and turqouise are also great for winter, just look at Rachel Biclon , combined with black tights it looks perfect !!