lundi 28 juillet 2008

In Every Colour Of The Rainbow

Even if I love to wear classy black and white, I think that I have to get some space for new colourful dresses this summer. Bright dresses in every colour of the rainbow, together it gives the perfect birght dress. I'm sure you remeber Lindsay Lohans rainbow dress from last year, I don't like it that muchm but I really like it if the colours are just mixed together, like if someone threw the colours together with no adjustment :) So let's try to walk under the rainbow and if it's not possible get a bright, summery dress :)!

by the way: My blog got a new name :), not sure if I will leave it like that...

jeudi 24 juillet 2008

Some Studded Stuff - Big Or Small?

A long time studded things were the one of the main statements of punks or rock stars, but now they come back into fashion. I guess the most famous studded thing is the Givenchy studded jacket. Even if Carine Roitfeld wears ir I guess I wouldn't, but if you really really like it it's a good statement.
Well, I prefer some small ones, on shoes or belts and I'm thinking of getting a tiny studded belt.. I really like that, even if you don't see them on the first sight, they give the outfit a little rock star- touch and isn't there a rockstar in everyone of us ;) ??

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jeudi 17 juillet 2008

Unindentified Flying Object

Ok, this is maybe more a funpost, because I'm really not sure about this look. We saw it on the runway, on Cory Kennedy, Agynes Deyn and Nicole Richie, who wear normally things which become a trend, but we will see ... maybe it is more something for carnival.
But if you want to wear it, be careful maybe you get kidnapped by aliens which came out of an UFO printed on your pullover... ;)

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mercredi 9 juillet 2008

Wear Them Like A Blazer

They are leatherjackets and they also look like leatherjackets, but there is something different, I'm talking about the collar, it is turned out like the collars on blazers are. I think it is another different method towear leatherjackets and I really like it, especially the quilted one! What do you think ? Do you like them or do you prefer the normal ones?

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