lundi 31 mars 2008

Socks In Pumps/Heels

Wearing socks in pumps always was a bit like :S , but Chloë Sevigny showed , that it can look really cool! Then this trend came on the runway and it didn't look messy or something like this. Socks in pumps fit to every outfit, only if it's a very chic robe, then I would say it looks out of place, but if you combine it right it looks great!! For those who are not really sure about it: some coloured tights (it doesn't have to be a bright colour) with mary-janes look also great , or like Chloë Sevigny showed in the second picture, socks in ancle-boots where a small piece of the sock is still visible... I think it's really variable :)

jeudi 20 mars 2008

Little Talisman : Lucky Necklaces

Since Nicoles little Harlow is there , she wears this little cute necklace with a "H" and she is not the only one , who decorates her neck with a talisman. Mischa Barton wears the wishbone and Ashley Tisdale a "J" (maybe for Jared?) Also Lauren Conrad wears some of this kind of necklace, but I'm not sure if it has any meaning, maybe one of you knows it ?!
I personally really like this way of showing who you love and who is important for you and it looks really fashionable! Another plus is , that it fits to every outfit and that you must not take it off for example when you go to bed! And if you believe in , it gives you luck :)

lundi 17 mars 2008

Footloose: The New It-Shoes - Going Barefoot

Ashley Olsen has them , Nicole Richie has them and Kate moss has them... What? The new must-have shoes and the good message is : the cost nothing :)
I'm talking about going barefoot, in summer it can be really refreshing and it looks, how we see also stylish ;) ! I think it looks great with a casual summer dress, like you want to go to the beach, but on Ashley with black skinnies and blazer it looked good but a bit wrong.So when you want to go to the beach pull your shoes away now it's time for : "Footloose, kick off the Sunday shoes" :)

mardi 4 mars 2008

Flood water Pants

We saw this style on many streetstyle websites and also many models were seen with turned up pants. I really like it and I think it makes a normal jeans look great! There are many ways to wear it , but I like the skinny a bit carrot-baggy-style-jeans best. Then there is still the question about the socks left, which you will of course see quite good : I think you can wear no socks , black tights , or coloured socks if you want to give a bright touch to your outfit :) maybe some cute striped socks ? Will this street-trend capture th runways or is it just soemthing fot nerds ? What do you think? ( I have to say I love it :) )

pictures via thecobrasnake and stockholmstreetstyle

samedi 1 mars 2008

Chanel Fall ready-to-wear

Winter is nearly over and the fall shows already started, well fashion is always a step ahead :)
I really liked the Chanel reay-to-wear show and I think there is something for everyone , young and old. Like always the collection is full of covered colours: black and white, dark blue, a beige-rosa and grey. This time there is many wool and satin, and I really like the quillings and valances.
On the feet of the models we see mary-janes and nothing more... I really have to get some ballet mary-janes for spring, I love them :)
I think, that I have to add, that I loved the hairytle of the models , very simple just open and a bit wavy, kind of messy and unbrushed but with the clothes it's such a great contrast :)!
All in one : Once again a great Chanel collection !!

Hippie/Indian chic: head bands

When I talk about thead bands, I don't mean that ones Paris Hilton used to wear a long time, I mean just wearing them straight over your head. I really like the tiny ones, seen on Mary-Kate , but also Nicole and Ashleys method of wearing them is cute.
And the good thing is : You can always repress your hair, even they look like crap in the morning , with a headband ( here the thicker version) you look like it is deliberately :)