samedi 22 décembre 2007

Flower Printed Dresses

Next spring will come soon :), but with the new floral dresses you can have spring or summer in the winter too :)

In the newest Prada-campaign are a few great dersses.

If you want to wear a floral dress, don't do that much with accessories, because that's too much I think , A little black ag and a simple bracelet are enough :)

Trends Of the Year : going to jail or beeing pregnant

So if you went to jail this year you are a really in fashion :) Many girls of Hollywood went to jail...
and made this absolutly beautiful pictures ;)

If you don't wanted to take drugs or something in that way , you could get pregnant, 2007 was the year of the pregnant celebs .
I think this is the healthier way to be fashionable :)
Nicole Richie did both, but I hope next year she is totally there for her baby....
2007 the fashion-icons went to jail or were pregnant, so next year there will be many imitators (hopefully just people who want to have a baby ...)

jeudi 20 décembre 2007

Versace Pre-Fall: So 60ies

I think they were just ove, but here in the Versace Pre-Fall collection you can see the A-lines, bright colours , and all that 60ie stuff :) Well I think it's very 60ie, but there is a new touch in it and I really like some of the pieces :)

What do you think??

White Dresses

If you still lokk for an outfit for christmas :) ( Iknow a bit late but some people may have no outfit ...) I think a white dress , it doesn't matter which lengh, would be perfect.

Our Hollywood fashion icons look like angels and on Christmas it's great to look like an angel I think :)

But you can't just wear them at Christmas, I think thy are always great if you want to go in a restaurant or something in that way, but they are not an everyday-outfit, becuase you can easy look too overdressed, except you wear them in a bit grungy way (black tights , black cardi...) not reeaally grungy but that isn't that chic anymore :)

dimanche 16 décembre 2007

Outfits Of The Week

My favourites outfits of the week :) :

Rachel Bilson in a cute green dress and nice hair.

Kate Moss:
You can't see that muuch bit I really like this and the dress she wears underneath her coat looks cute :)

Mischa Barton at the premiere of her movie Closing the Ring. Shewore a beautiful cream silk shirt and a full black satin skirt and studded Christian Louboutin stillettos.

Peaches Geldof with a beret ( we looove them :) ) a cute short dress with a printed bow.

And her sister Pixie with a leo-printed blazer

And then Sarah Jessica Parker :

balck skinnies, black jacket, a black quilted bag, leo scarf and blue heels. I think it looks great!!

Soo what is your favourite outfit of these? Or did I miss a great outfit?

samedi 15 décembre 2007

Skater Skirts

these skirts are really cute when you were them with a casual white t-shirt (when the skirt is black) combine it with a little clutch and you are ready to have a nice day/night... :)

If you think it's to short then wear it with some black or maybe coloured tights (it depends what your style is like)

I think Ashley wears it great !! She is a good inspiration !!

vendredi 14 décembre 2007

We ♥ Cory Kennedy

She was 15 as a papparazzi just took a picture of her, we don't know why but now she is one of the todays it-girls she combines any trends with any other trends and looks fabulous! Her life is online in the internet.

She always looks a bit crazy but soo fashionable.

Now she is in ELLE, Nylon and in many other fashion magazines. She already made friends with Lindsay Lohan and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and she hangs up in the hottest Clubs in LA even she is underage. And why is she famous and not any other Californian girl ? please leave a comment :) but I think it is because she doesn't look like everybody else she is just hersef and that is the fact that makes her unique!!

Get A New Look : Hairstyle

So here are my favoutrite Hairtrends for this winter :)

Do you like them? I think at the moment you can have you hair in every lengh and in every colour...

jeudi 13 décembre 2007

Chanel Sunglasses

I think they are very unique and cool but not everybody likes them and not everybody can wear them :)

What do you think of them ??