lundi 28 janvier 2008

Outfits Of The Week

Last week the Huate Couture shows started and what the guests of the Chanel Haute Couture show wore was great!! Diane Kruger wore a simple black dress with yellow shoes and a sequin bag, which give her outfit , the special touch that you need when you go to a chanel fashion-show :)

Blake Lively looked really cute,also in the little black dress, but with an oversized cardigan and of course a chanel bag :)

We leave the Chanel show to Lauren Conrad on the phone walking to her car :) I like her simple outfit with a plaid shirt, black skinnies and black flats.

Sophia Bush looked great too, in a black coat , worn as a dress. To bright up the outfit she carried a red clutch ! I also like her hair :)

Aaand Clémence Poésy :) (back to Chanel) in a great red dress and a blazer!! A short red dress with black tights looks great on her (even her legs look really skinnie) Great Clémence!!

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frankie-lou&tallulah a dit…

loving Blake Lively's look... lovely!... and i like Lauren's plaid shirt...