vendredi 12 septembre 2008

Slip into New York Fashion Week


Rock & Republic.

Proenza Schouler.


Marc Jacobs.

Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Derek Lam.

Alexander Wang.

Phillip Lim.


Calvin Klein.

BCBG Max Azria.

Brian Reyes.

Erin Fetherston.

Matthew Williamson.

Zac Posen.

Anna Sui.

Oscar de la Renta.


everythink looks like "less is more"



pictures via, and vosrious forums

click to enlarge them :)

Today was the last day of the New York Fashion Week and with it one af the most fashionable events of the year!! How expected it was awesome ( well I wasn't there ;) , but what I can see on pictures is absolutely amazing!) Great shows, great people with great outfits - a week full of superlatives! But I don't want to talk that much, because everything I would write you actually see on the pictures, and I absolutely like to let pictures speak when I'm in hurry, and I totally am!
While we are at it, I have to say sorry, that I haven't posted that long and that I haven't answer your comments, but I have been very busy and then I got sick and lay most of the day in my bedand when I was on my comp I used the time to look what happened in NY, I really really hope that I'll have more time this weekend. This evening I also have not that much time, because I have to get up early tomorow morning ... sorry sorry sorry, but since school started I don't knwo where my time is (maybe on holiday :S?)
So Back to New York Fashion week :) you all have to tell me which were your favourite shows, I'm so curious about that!! This time I liked Philip Lim, Rock & Republic, Alexander Wang, Preen, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs , DKNY and Calvin Klein best, I'm not quite sure which show was my darling, but the one I named were really good.
I hope you are all fine and you don't find me for beeing off for so long, a lot of extra love,
xx Lara
P.S. If there are mistakes, don't mind me :) I'm really really tired!

30 commentaires:

biba_46 a dit…

Oscar de la Renta was the best, as always

Tina :) a dit…

This is such a great post! Thanks so much for sharing all of the photos. I really liked Erin Fetherson, so feminine and airy.

chineric a dit…

i always love anna sui collection and zac posen! thanks for the post, i got updated!

Wendiva a dit…

i think derek lam is officially my fav designer of the season :)

SOL a dit…

My ultimate favourite has to be Oscar de la Renta! totally amazing!
I also liked Philip Lim, Zac Posen, and Erin Fetherson's collection (which is not my style , but i have to admit it's gorgeous!)

As for the make-up, I love this "less is more" trend. It really suits models!

Once again Lara you've done an amazing job here. Hope you have already recovered!

Love ,

Kat a dit…

oooh, beautiful dresses, especially by erin fetherston. runway photos are just great, can't get enough of them ;)

Kat a dit…

huch, ich seh gerade, dass hätte ich auch auf deutsch schreiben können...:)

Ana a dit…

Zac Posen was quite polished and my fave out of these selections.

Anonyme a dit…

Its all amazing to see.

Wendy a dit…

So much to lust after!

Mimi a dit…

Now I know why you took so long for this.Awesome post!
Yeah it was an amazing day and I loved staying with you ♥

The minnetonkas well this made me very sad but that's life.

See u later

Love u bitch

Secretista a dit…

So far I am in love with Tadashi's collection.

sydneydoll a dit…


get some sleep :)

Aly-gator a dit…

LOVE preen && dkny. but wow fantastic shows.

emily a dit…

my favorites were preen, alexander wang and erin fetherston!

Princess.Maria a dit…

I love every single design i saw lol =)

amazing !!!



coco a dit…

I love Preen so much. I want the whole collection. I just need to work out how to get my hands on it without going bankrupt.

Q8 fashionista a dit…

great post hun!!
and i know the school takes all of your time,good luck :)

Danz a dit…

Oh wow, such a fantastic selection of photos! It's hard to pick a favourite collection but I do love all the bright colours, geometric patterns and intricate prints.

Thanks for your comment! I added your link to my blogroll. Have a great day tomorrow :)

LuLu124 a dit…

ooh great post lara, love your picks!!! gosh i'm soo in love with fashion week i never want it to end!!! ;D btw thank you so much for your kind comments!!! :) xoxo, lulu ♥

Anonyme a dit…

i am extremly envious.
you get to do things i only dream of.
i don't like you.

link me, please and i will do the same.


Songy a dit…

what a wonderful selection. love zac, MJ and Sui. I'm looking forward to our summer in OZ.. can't wait to try these all out if I could. :)

Kira Fashion a dit…

so fantastic!!

I love all!
CK really surprises me!
a kiss!!

Kira Fashion a dit…

so fantastic!!

I love all!
CK really surprises me!
a kiss!!

Blonde hair, Blue jeans a dit…

you've made the BEST post about the NY fashion week, really!
it has evrything!!! so complete! =)

ohh, i loved proenza and phillip lim....well, and marc jacobs is always marc jacobs!

Couture Carrie a dit…

What a comprehensive, wonderful, attentive post!!
My fave NY collections were Marc Jacobs and Vera Wang.

Love this post so much - thanks!!!


Sunniva a dit…

Great review, sweetie! I have so many favourites from New York Fashion Week. The Oscar de la Renta dresses were especially always :)

frankie-lou and tallulah a dit…

this was such a fabulous comment.
loved alexander wang and erin featherston the best.
also loved your backstage and attendees photos.
in a word: great!

Bella a dit…

Scrolling through... it was like being in fashion heaven!

nadinex0x a dit…

love your blog...the title cought my eye! follow me on twitter @nadinex0x