jeudi 4 septembre 2008

Fall/Winter Shoes

Lace up booties.



When fall starts, fashion interested ask themselves the big question what shoes to buy for fall and winter, they should be warm, but also in fashion, good for winter, but not too chunky... Sometimes it's really hard, but I think this time we got some great solutions from designers and celebrities. My personal favourites are the lace up boots and I really have to get some for this fall/winter, but I think I will also buy some v-ancleboots, how I call them :).
The last ones I call peep-ancleboots, because they are a ,mix out of a peeptoe and an ancleboot, unfortunately I couldn't find some good pictures of them, lately I've seen so many pictures, but now while writing this post I just found these two, I hope you know what shoes I mean, but be careful with them on really cold winter days, otherwise you could freeze off your toes ;)
When it's not that could you can also wear your sandals with socks, I reallylike it, but just if the shoes have at least a little heel.
I hope you got a little inspiration :)

Love, Lara

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Victoria-H a dit…

re: yes, yes it does. I'm going to be an au pair in usa and i'm looking for a family at the moment, and i just got a new match- it's all so exiting :P

♥ fashion chalet a dit…

Me too, I love Nicole. And great photos, here you posted !! :)

LEESH a dit…

thanks for the comment! love your blow, esp this post. i'm so obsessing over shoes right now it's ridiculous. i'm loooking for as many excuses to buy numerous pairs at once to complete my fall wardrobe and those lace up booties are SO what i'm craving right now. mmmm
stop by again soon!

CoutureCarrie a dit…

Excellent roundup of fall boots - I had not noticed the v-ankle boots before, so great call!!


Mimi a dit…

I like the peeptoes and lace up boots a lot.Hopefully there will be better ones in hh :D

see u at school honey


Blonde hair, Blue jeans a dit…

agyness and chloe really rock those laced boots!

Caroline a dit…

i love peep toe boots!

yiqin; a dit…

I want lace up boots too! Ah I do not need to worry about fall/winter because I only have summer in Singapore! :(

sydneydoll a dit…

i like the boots in the second picture
even though they are a bit goth
you can make them suit yours style

thanks for the post.

Kira Fashion a dit…

Lace up boots are so Madonna for me right now. Did you see her on the stage? Her lace up booties comes to her knees! hot!

a kiss!!!

La Fleur a dit…

Your blog is so cute, it has a lovely mix!:)*

Audrey Leighton a dit…

ooh i love sandals and socks, so adorable!

um, no its really cheap to buy a domain, do it right through blogger- its 10 dollars for a whole year- which is like 6 euros or something!

I am stilllll LOVING your blog xxxxxxxxxx

Doriz Jeltzin a dit…

I will absolutely go for laze-ups this winter, like every winter. And naturally the big and really warm ones, cause it's to cold up here. Sandals and open toes will just have to go. Thanks for a sweet and usefull post.

Q8 fashionista a dit…

love them all esp the Lace ups!!

and btw i'm mimi from Kuwait just incase you didn't know =)*

LuLu124 a dit…

ooh lovely post dear!!!! thank you so much for your comment, i really appreciate it :))) i really love the v-ankle boots in particular!!! the lace-ups are really sweet too, they remind me of figure-skates ;D xoxo, lulu ♥

ashleigh a dit…

we all know i love my socks so i think sandals and socks are a fabulous idea!

and i got way too much inspiration out of these for my own good. darn those shoe gods creating such perfect specimens.

The Clothes Horse a dit…

Great collection of pictures. I was just hunting online for the perfect laceup boot luck for me yet!

Make Do and Mend a dit…

Actually your eyes made them seem fresh again - I was being a bit jaded about boots again this season!

Trendology a dit…

I love that pic of Chloe!

coco a dit…

I want a pair of lace up boots for fall. But I find the flat ones too clunky so I'm hunting out the perfect heeled pair!

Sunniva a dit…

oh so many lovely shoes! I really want a pair of Great photos xxx

Dapper Kid a dit…

I do love lace up boots, the peep-ankle boots look fantastic (as for practical...maybe only on warmer winter days!). Lovely photos too :)

LML a dit…

im liking the idea of peeptoe ankle boots...

Q8 fashionista a dit…

i thought that you knew me,thanks god that i told you :)
this is my own blog ,the other one was with my friend and i don't post there anymore..hope you like mine more!!

i miss you too sweetie,i don't log in msn like how i used too..i will try to log in more,hope will talk soon hun =)*

Wendiva a dit…

i love these lace kicks! they're like ice skates w/o having to touch the ice. so getting a pair this season1

Anonyme a dit…

i'm all for the bootie invasion. =) boots have definitely taken over my shoe list and i've never really been a fan seeing as how i don't really need them in hawaii. =)

Taghrid a dit…

spot on! i am looking of that perfect pair of lace up booties!

Cammila a dit…

I'm feeling a serious pull towards lace up boots and booties for fall and winter. They look so romantic and old fashioned.

Danz a dit…

I really love lace-up boots/booties! My legs aren't as thin or shapely as the women in those pics but I'd still try 'em out!

Thanks so much for your great comment! You should definitely try studding your own pair of shoes. They'd be one of a kind and probably a lot cheaper than any you'd find in any store!

Hey, would you like to exchange links? Take care and have a great weekend :)

frankie-lou and tallulah a dit…

love lace up boots... i want a grey pair...

Make Do and Mend a dit…

PS have given you an award!

Make Do and Mend a dit…

PS have given you an award!

Sol a dit…

I go for the peep-ankleboots , they're soo hot!! Unfortunately summer's comming down here so i'm already in my gladiator sandals search! I hope this year they'll bring them here, i've been wanting them for the past two years but no shop had them around.. fingers crossed!

Songy a dit…

inspired indeed. a girl can't have too many shoes. Many is never enough.

EMS a dit…

the lace up boots are lovely, I really want a pair this winter.

Álex , fast-fashion a dit…

Thank you!

I love all your clothes

: D

Kat a dit…

the dress, that the lady in the middle on the second last photo wears, is just beautiful!

Dana (pron. like Donna) a dit…

it's funny
I have the ever popular in the blogs aldo version of the peep toe andeboots and ppl always say 'great boots'
but if they're a slingback
are they a boot?
many important things to ponder.

frankie-lou and tallulah a dit…

love love love.
bought a pair lace up boots from a thrift store a few months back but they are still my favourite shoes in my wardrobe lol.
not sure whether black balloon is going to germany.
hopefully though.
it is a beautiful and inspiring movie.

* Fashion Dreamer * a dit…

A true shoe girl, a girl after my own heart! I still love last Fall's Marc Jacobs boots, they were lace ups too.

Foxy a dit…

fantasic designs

Lisa a dit…

So many lovely shoes are here..! Your blog is excellent.

Anonyme a dit…


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