jeudi 20 mars 2008

Little Talisman : Lucky Necklaces

Since Nicoles little Harlow is there , she wears this little cute necklace with a "H" and she is not the only one , who decorates her neck with a talisman. Mischa Barton wears the wishbone and Ashley Tisdale a "J" (maybe for Jared?) Also Lauren Conrad wears some of this kind of necklace, but I'm not sure if it has any meaning, maybe one of you knows it ?!
I personally really like this way of showing who you love and who is important for you and it looks really fashionable! Another plus is , that it fits to every outfit and that you must not take it off for example when you go to bed! And if you believe in , it gives you luck :)

15 commentaires:

saray a dit…

ohh i love love love necklaces!

Secretista a dit…

How muchh?

Miu Miu a dit…

Nicole's "H" is so cute :)

AsianCajuns a dit…

ooo I love those!
Dog Eared Jewelry (weird name, I know) actually do charms that are quite similar and fairly inexpensive.

a dit…

i really like the wish bone on mischa and the H.. i want one for myself!

Carolina Lange a dit…

These are all very cute! I love lucky necklaces!

The Clothes Horse a dit…

I like how light and delicate these are.

Wendy a dit…

I think I want a similar necklace for myself.

discothequechic a dit…

such lovely necklaces.
i predict the style of the one worn by nicole richie may become rather a trend!
but then again, the whole personalised pendant thing is anyway.

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bronwyn a dit…

They're really nice, especially the wishbone....hmmm, I need to start wearing more necklaces!

ChiliLady a dit…

what a cute trend!

frankie-lou&tallulah a dit…

i think it is gorgeous that nicole is wearing a 'h' around her neck.
heres a link to all the scans from nylon like you asked :D


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