samedi 1 mars 2008

Chanel Fall ready-to-wear

Winter is nearly over and the fall shows already started, well fashion is always a step ahead :)
I really liked the Chanel reay-to-wear show and I think there is something for everyone , young and old. Like always the collection is full of covered colours: black and white, dark blue, a beige-rosa and grey. This time there is many wool and satin, and I really like the quillings and valances.
On the feet of the models we see mary-janes and nothing more... I really have to get some ballet mary-janes for spring, I love them :)
I think, that I have to add, that I loved the hairytle of the models , very simple just open and a bit wavy, kind of messy and unbrushed but with the clothes it's such a great contrast :)!
All in one : Once again a great Chanel collection !!

5 commentaires:

Sol a dit…

Can i say i just loved every piece??! even the second turtle neck and gosh i hate turtle necks!

Miu Miu a dit…

love it and want it :D - everything!

Kate a dit…

Love it!!! =)*

Secretista a dit…

There really is something here for young and old.

bronwyn a dit…

I also loved this collection, superbe!