samedi 1 mars 2008

Hippie/Indian chic: head bands

When I talk about thead bands, I don't mean that ones Paris Hilton used to wear a long time, I mean just wearing them straight over your head. I really like the tiny ones, seen on Mary-Kate , but also Nicole and Ashleys method of wearing them is cute.
And the good thing is : You can always repress your hair, even they look like crap in the morning , with a headband ( here the thicker version) you look like it is deliberately :)

5 commentaires:

Miu Miu a dit…

Love this look.the woven ones are great for summer.
I wear a big black one right now to protect my ears from the cold outside :D

Sol a dit…

i just love the extra touch they can give to a simple outfit!!
MY fave has to be Ash's prada, i bought a similar one to prevent my hair going everywhere at the beach!

Secretista a dit…

Sigh. I tried this look, but I looked like a fool.
;[. May be I'll try a thicker headband.

aschlee a dit…

I like the style of the last two. The first few are too hippie-ish.

Hannah Michelle a dit…

I love headbands! I just got in trouble in school today for wearing one though.
and I've worn one everyday.