vendredi 14 décembre 2007

We ♥ Cory Kennedy

She was 15 as a papparazzi just took a picture of her, we don't know why but now she is one of the todays it-girls she combines any trends with any other trends and looks fabulous! Her life is online in the internet.

She always looks a bit crazy but soo fashionable.

Now she is in ELLE, Nylon and in many other fashion magazines. She already made friends with Lindsay Lohan and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and she hangs up in the hottest Clubs in LA even she is underage. And why is she famous and not any other Californian girl ? please leave a comment :) but I think it is because she doesn't look like everybody else she is just hersef and that is the fact that makes her unique!!

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frankie-lou&tallulah a dit…

cory kennedy was so randomly lucky... love her style..

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