dimanche 9 décembre 2007

Outfits Of The Week

So... I decided to present every week my favoutite outfits worn by celebs in the recent week :)
I hope I won't forget it in the following weeks :)

So First of all Nicole Richie:
I love her coat and the red beret looks absolutly cute on her ! (I want a red one too!!) Don't like her UGG's but well don't look at them :)
I totally love her bag (with the new Vogue)
yes yes Miss Richie you have to stay fashionable

Here Keira Knightley presenting her new move Atonement in LA
I really like her dress she looks like a ballerina :)

And I have so many favourite outfits worn by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen !! They always look great! Love the plaid chemise of MK and Ashle looks great in her winter-outfit !!

A week full of inspiration :)

2 commentaires:

Sol a dit…

Fab outfits! soo inspiring!
Esp. MK's one and Nicole's really cute too!

Miss our conversations!
Great blog hun!:)

Kate a dit…

Same opinion!! =)*