samedi 8 décembre 2007

Chanel Pre-Fall Fashion Show 2008

Now see this great collection of Karl Lagerfeld . there are so many great pieces! I especially like the bags! A few pieces need to get used to them but nevermind I love the collection :)

Unfortunately you can't buy them before May 2008. Til then look at the pictures of the show. I'm sure you will love the collection too. I can't get enough of these classy and chic collection :)
You might ask why irina wasn't on the runway ... , but when you look a bit closer you can see that she was the singer :) I guess she did a good job there :)!!

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pwd a dit…

Don't get me wrong I adore King Karl, but bubble skirts??? seriously they were only en vogue like only 3 years ago!!! The show was innovative what with the larger than life chanel accessories merry go round but you gotta wonder at his creativity this time around. The garments are great, amazing infact. But they are not his signature innovative art style...its not new, its been done.