dimanche 16 décembre 2007

Outfits Of The Week

My favourites outfits of the week :) :

Rachel Bilson in a cute green dress and nice hair.

Kate Moss:
You can't see that muuch bit I really like this and the dress she wears underneath her coat looks cute :)

Mischa Barton at the premiere of her movie Closing the Ring. Shewore a beautiful cream silk shirt and a full black satin skirt and studded Christian Louboutin stillettos.

Peaches Geldof with a beret ( we looove them :) ) a cute short dress with a printed bow.

And her sister Pixie with a leo-printed blazer

And then Sarah Jessica Parker :

balck skinnies, black jacket, a black quilted bag, leo scarf and blue heels. I think it looks great!!

Soo what is your favourite outfit of these? Or did I miss a great outfit?

1 commentaire:

Kate a dit…

Hi Lara! =)
I love the colour of the Rachel's dress and at my opinion a leopard printed silk scarf (SJP) is definitely a must-have =)*

Take care*