mercredi 6 février 2008

The New York fashion Week 2008 Style

The New York Fashion week - there were many great shows and we saw many great outfits, not only on the runway, also the guests wore some beautiful and great outfits, and they were totally "en vogue" :) I picked some of my favourite outfits ... but who doy ou think wore the best outfit during the NY fashion week ? I always love your comments :)
Well I wanted to post more pictures, but at the moment , there is a problem with the configuration and I can't load up the pictures :( Has anyone had this problem and knows how to help me ?

4 commentaires:

Miu Miu a dit…

Ashley looks great,simple and casual but anyway very chic.
love chloe's outfit too.
good choice!

Sol a dit…

Ashle looks nice as always but my fave is Anne Hathaway i think!

frankie-lou&tallulah a dit…

i love these pics.. everyone looks so great... but Ash my fav style icon totally pulls it off!

Charlotte a dit…

You're right...the runway fashion is great but even greater is the style of the women in the first row!