lundi 25 février 2008

The 80th Annual Academy Awards 2008 - Best Dressed

Yesterday I stood up at 1 am (!!) to watch the Oscars, I live in Germany so I had to stand up that early too see them ... I nearly got no sleep thie night ... but in exchange I was live there at the Oscars 2008!
But I actually think that it wasn't a reaaly great show, I must say that I had expected more.
But of course we saw great appearances and great dresses , I loved the looks of Jessica Alba (in Marchesa), Katherine Heigl (in Escada) and Marion Cotillard (in Jean Paul Gaultier) who won the award for the best actress for La vie en rose.
Penelope Cruz looked also great in a Chanel haute couture dress.
Well I think I don't have to report so much about it , you know anyways everything about it :)
But what do you think about the dresses and the people who got an Oscar ( aww I really think That Johnny Depp should have get the one for the best actor !!! but unfortunately he went home without an Oscar for his work in Sweeney Todd)
Just write your opinion :)

7 commentaires:

Héloïse J. a dit…

haha! i used to wake up at that time to watch the show but i'm quite over it.
check my faves! we totally agree on marion!
well i think depp didn't deserved it this time..

Wendy a dit…

Penelope looked gorgeous!

Secretista a dit…

Damn 1 am, sorry love. Well, I was up doing homework lol. I think every1 looks divine. I was impressed by their dresses. Well, most of them, haha.

Charlotte a dit…

I just feel a bit sorry for Johnny Depp, because he'd been nominated so often and never got the oscar. But I havn't seen all of the nominated films yet, so I cannot talk about the category "best actor"...

frankie-lou&tallulah a dit…

i loved katherine heigl's look - old hollywood style.

keri russel stood out of the crowd for me too.


Sol a dit…

Keri Russel looked quite nice and I think Jeniffer Garner's black simple dress really suits her!

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